Checklist Apps For iPhones, iPads, & iPod Touch


  • Custom Trip Lists Based on Master & Ability To Go Back And Add More Items From Master
  • Record Multple Trip Destination Info & Map of Destination
  • Personal checklists such as First Aid Kit
  • General RV Info & Major System Info
  • Add, Change, Delete of Groups & Items
  • Rearrange Items & Groups
  • Add, Change, Delete, Copy of Checklists
  • Copy / Paste Groups Across Checklists
  • Optional sort of Checklists and Checklist Items
  • Add Priority, Quantity, or Weight to any Item
    • 1/10 Ounce for Camp/Hike & Scuba
  • Clear All Checkmarks, Priority, Quantity, or Weights
  • Items can be Made to Disappear When Checked
  • Quick Jump Up & Down Checklists
  • E-mail a Checklist or AirPrint
  • iCloud Exchanges Between Devices & Checkmark Sync
  • AirDrop Checklists Between Devices (later devices)
  • Peer to Peer Device List Exchange
  • Import / Export Checklists to PC and Edit Lists Using Spreadsheet Prog. (supports .csv format)
  • Landscape & Portrait Viewing
  • Supports the New Apple User Interface started with iOS7
  • Full Screen iPad & iPhone 5 Support
  • Integrated Help Screens


I write apps for enjoyment and NOT for the money. My Apps are the result of my direct experiences and travels (except Scuba). A friend once called me the ultimate consumer single handedly keeping the economy going based on various boats and RV's I have owned. My current RV is pictured below. I have packed too many times for work travels all over the world. Additional reasons:

  • I am very committed to integrating my experiences and my app user suggestions when deciding future upgrades.
  • When users have questions and/or suggestions I respond to their eMails quickly and usually within a few hours 7 days a week.
  • Over the past 40+ years I have programmed in numerous languages & taught IT nights for two Universities.



  • As a team of one my updates do not come out with the frequency of the bigger app makers.
  • I only support Apple devices. I attempted Android versions of my apps but the effort to support both is to time consuming.